Tom Rutjens

About me

From a young age, I’ve loved drawing and gaming. This passion led me to study Animation and Games at the Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam. After my studies, I joined Codeglue as a Game Artist, and now, after 16 years, I’m still in the game art world at Gamedia in Alkmaar.


I’ve had the chance to work on cool games like Action Henk, Spider Tanks, Terraria, Rocket Riot, Hix, and more. My skills cover various game art areas like concept art, modeling, texturing, and rigging, using different software.


What really drives me is creating art with a cartoonish and unique style. Mixing edgy and silly elements to make exciting game art is my passion. It’s what guides my work and adds a special touch to the projects I’m part of.


I’m 36 years of age and the proud father of my son Trevy of 6 and husband to Oanh who is a succesful cookbook author. I currently live in Heerhugowaard, The Netherlands. I play footbal on a very amateuristic level, play games in my spare time and have a weak spot for Rome and its history.