Tom Rutjens

Spider Tanks

Spider Tanks

Spider Tanks is a PVP play-to-earn brawler that combines fast-paced tank combat with blockchain technology. Developed by GAMEDIA and available on the Gala Games platform, Spider Tanks can be played on both Mac and PC. You can purchase NFT versions of tanks, weapons, and special items, the game is free to play.


In Spider Tanks, I wore many hats—Concept/2D Artist, UI Artist, Creative Director and Art Director. Leading a team of 3D artists, I contributed to tank, environment, and prop concepts. I also worked closely with a VFX artist/programmer for in-game visual effects and took charge of crafting the UI art.

Hero Tanks

Small paintings for the abilities

ELO Rank Icons

Marketing Images


The image that started the entire project!

Everything in this image was concepted, modelled, textured and rigged by me.

(Except for the Gun, that was made by the amazing Minne ten Wolde)

Extra Bonus

For GALAverse a large hall was transformed into a SpiderTanks setting along with a huge statue of the chickentank!

The ChickenTank was modelled by Minne ten Wolde and Lucas Weij